R/C/V Putt-Putt

Using the naming convention for ships, this research-creation vehicle (R/C/V) is the main field vehicle of the Institute. Research vessels are designed to carry out particular purposes, and the Putt-Putt is a 2010 Ford Transit Connect that has been outfitted to carry equipment and be a home base. Putt-Putt is capable of sleeping 2 comfortably for several day research excursions. Many of the containers for research gear were specifically fabricated for the vehicle. Putt-Putt is also used to transport program participants, to generate power, to hide from the elements, as a writing studio, and for a variety of other purposes. Putt-Putt takes it’s name for the slow but steady way it climbs hills with its 4 cylinder engine.

R/C/V Putt-Putt is pictured above collecting sound and video data from a bat colony in summer 2018.

r/c/v randonneur

this bicycle is now fitted with racks to carry equipment. for some who can ride a bike, it is an excellent way to get around, and has the potential to get places that a motorized vehicle can not. randonneur is a french term that translated means backpacker or wanderer. randonneur when it is applied to cycling references long distance rides that are more about distance than speed. using a randonneur bike for research creation is about moving at a human scale pace, being able to take in details that a car journey does not necessarily allow for.